Short History of Lionism

Lions Clubs International began with a small group of men, lead by a Chicago Insurance man named Melvin Jones, who wanted to do more than they did in the business clubs of that day. They wanted to Serve their community. “We Serve” is the motto of this organization, and today it has become the world’s largest service organization with about 1.4 million members located in 206 countries and geographic areas.

The first Lions Convention was held in Dallas, Texas in October of 1917, with 29 clubs and less than 50 men in attendance. There were 12 Texas clubs in attendance. They were Abilene, Austin, Beaumont, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Paris, Port Arthur, San Antonio, Temple, Waco and Wichita Falls. These clubs are now know as FOUNDERS CLUBS. The first officers chosen for the Lions International were:

Texas is District 2 of Lions International. From its beginning of 12 clubs, by 1930 it had grown to 242 Clubs and 8414 members. That year the State was divided into 5 Districts: T, E, X, A, S. Due to the tremendous growth over the years, the State was divided several more times. In 1959-60 District 2-S2 was divided into 2-S2 and 2-S4, thus forming our district as we know it today. David A. Evans of Houston became the first District 2-S4 Governor, who later became the International President in 1968-69 Lions year.Today there are 16 districts in Texas, each lead by a District Governor. These 16 Governors form the Council of Governors. They transact the business of the State including State Leadership Training, State and International Convention activities, and supervise the Texas Lions Camp.

Lions Code of Ethics

Lions Club Objectives

Lions Pledge, Invocation, and Poem

Lions Pledge

I pledge my allegiance to my country and to the cause of peace throughout the world. I believe in the principals of Lionism as contained in the Lions Code of Ethics. I am proud to be a Lion. Dedicated to the service of others.

A Lions Invocation

Where Lions meet, be present;

To weld our hearts in one accord;

To do the will, to make us strong;

To aid the weak, and right the wrong.

Not above you, not beneath you, but with you!

Our Emblem

By Lion W.E. Johnson - Camillus Lions Club

I’m glad that I’m a member of the Lions Club that’s known so well. By the gold & purple emblem with the central letter “L”. You will note the lion’s faces to the left and to the right. There’s a good substantial reason for this double-featured sight. One face looks forever backward at our great and glorious past; filled with records of achievement and with memories that last. The other’s looking forward to the days that lie before; and keeps us ever mindful that the best is yet in store. Yes, I’m glad that I’m a lion and I wear my pin with pride; because it marks me as a doer not just a drifter with the tide.

Pledges We Say

Honor the Texas Flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one State under God, one and indivisible.

I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America; and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Dues & Recommended Contributions

Per member, it's $46 to Lions International and $17.60 to District 2-S4. This can only come from the club's administrative (or general) account. This is in addition to the $35 per new member that is levied by International.

We, as a District, have committed to making these contributions. These are a listing of each contribution, how much we are contributing to each, and a percentage of the whole. If a club chooses to make this donation, it should (but does not have to) come from the club's charity or public service account.